Monday, March 28, 2011

Morning class

I wrote to HY's principal today about discontinuing his afternoon class at his CC.
At the recommendation of the principal, she mentioned that she could assist to appeal to the Ministry to extend an extra slot for HY for their morning class if we are keen.
HY usually needs to have a nap at 1pm and his afternoon class clashes with that.
We had earlier signed him up for the afternoon class at the advice of his ex-nanny but unfortunately it didn't work out for him.

Anyways, the Ministry would review and let the school know of the outcome in a week's time.
Hopefully he will be granted the slot and I can let him remain in the same CC.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sickly HY

20 days after starting preschool at the Childcare Centre near our home, HY fell sick.
Gave him some of the medicine prescribed by the GP but there's no improvement.
I suspect he may have sore throat which requires antiboditics. Looks like I have to quickly bring him to the GP again. Just last mth he was down with sore throat, flu and cough.
Each time he cough, I would feel as if someone stabbed me at my chest, felt so heartpain.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A test of patience and perserverance

Poor HK had a very bad tummyache earlier and was red faced screaming at the top of his lungs for a good few minutes. At the same time, HY stopped drinking his milk and decided to play with his milk bottle on our bed. His milk bottle was taken away after he spilled some milk onto our mattress. He threw a tantrum, screaming and whining away.
Then he accidentally slide off our bed, fell and banged his head against our safe.
More loud cries and screams. Mommy screamed in fear upon seeing him fall. HK screams loudly from fright and from tummy pain.

Needless to say, the whole bedroom was exploding with noise. I'm dead certain our neighbors could hear us loud and clear.

At times like this, I do feel my patience stretched to the max.
I could feel the old and tired bones cracking in my body. Suddenly my shoulders felt heavy.
And I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs too.


I will hang on and get by the ups and downs of motherhood. A true test of patience and endurance.
Another reminder of the demands of being a mother to two young kids!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nanny's last day and new start for me

Today is HY's nanny last day. From tomorrow onwards, I will have to take care of him full time and bring him to and fro school along with the maid. I felt a little sad that the nanny could no longer help to care for HY but i believed he will be much happier cared for at home and by mommy. And so from tomorrow onwards, I can officially declare myself a SAHM (stay at home mom). I would not declare myself a WAHM (work at home mom)even though I will be continuing my freelance which is also my interest. I will mostly be out and about during some of the weekends and sometimes during the week (if I'm needed) and my mom will help us care for our kids with lots of help from our maid. My mom is quite old in her sixtes and in poor health, therefore she is unable to help me care for my active HY and HK for more than 2 straight days.
My mother in law is also unable to help us care for the kids for long periods as she is assisting my hubby with his business matters plus she has lotsa other activites too.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Managing a maid

Siti has been here in our home for 2 weeks already and she is still independent in her tasks.
She is a stark difference from Wati, our first maid who needs to be told what needs to be done and would pretend to do some work when we are around.

Til date, I had been an employer to 2 maids and I have plenty to learnt with regards to management of maids. What I do know is that they are different from your usual employees and needs to be treated and motivated differently.
If you are an employer of maids who also happens to manage people in your company, you may identify with what I've just said.

Having a maid at home means you will have to safeguard your valuables and monies to avoid possible theft. You will also need to manage your own moods and behaviour so that things will work out between you and the maid. Afterall they are humans too and doesn't deserve to face a black-faced employer all day long.

My good friend gave me some advices on how to manage maids and I think it will be good to share:
1) Buy her phonecard and let her call home often.(Being away from home can be daunting for a fresh Maid or even an experienced maid who has worked in Singapore).

2) If she is not entitled to any off-days, let her have some breathing space, bring her out
for strolls or leisure. 

3) Lavish praise for good work done.

4) Don't criticize her for work not done well. Speak nothing of it. If she doesn't do the work or she doesn't do it well, do it yourself to set example so that she will follow suit. Trust that she will be embarrassed and do the job better.

5) Take things easy dun be uptight abt it and things will work out well. Smile and be happy. 

If things doesn't work out with maid, simply replace her and not let her bring grief or
problems to you.

Frankly speaking, I do not know if the above advices will work for me as I had a very bad
experience with my first maid. But I'm willing to try provided my current maid has a willing attitude.

Our Home

Our home is located at level 3 of a flat in a populated neighborhood.
There are amenities such as schools, supermarkets and clinics around our home.
In 2008/2009, even though our flat is considered less favoured as it is on a low floor, we are considered quite lucky to be able to purchase it with a cash payout to the previous owner at $20k 'only'. That was on top of the substantial loan amount repayable in 25 years to the Housing and Development Board(HDB).

You may be wondering why I am talking about this here where the motive for starting this blog is to talk family issues, to record our kids growing up etc. I really thought it will be good for the kids to know of the family's situation and their parent's efforts to set up our home. We are not rich but with just enough to live comfortably with 2 kids and a maid. Hubby is running his own business and I'm a full time employee with a freelance sideline which happens to be my interest.

I never thought it was not easy until I had my own family. Neither does hubby knows what he's in for until we had our first child.

I grew up in a middle class family to a father who is a sole proprietor of his own company and who is also the sole breadwinner. The kids at home never had to worry about money and all we had to do was to extend our hands. We also never thought about money and how to manage it.
Thus we never treasure money and thought money comes easily.
Hubby has a similar family background as mine though his family was a tad complicated.

Anyway, Times are very different now and I worry about our offsprings in the future as I forsee that it is only going to get tougher for them to get a roof over their heads or get a job with the competition from the new immigrants etc.
Perhaps, my worries are unfounded but I cannot help but to feel pessimistic now.
As a parent, I can only hope my kids won't have it so tough.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HY is two!

On this day, at 38 weeks, little HY came into our lives and mark the beginning of our parenthood journey. An adorable bundle of joy at 3.22kg with a round chubby face, he brought with him endless joy, sweet surprises and not forgetting disrupted sleep for us. We look forward to new surprises and we are ready to face other parenting challenges that comes with caring and bringing up of this special little child in our hearts! Happy 2nd Birthday dear HY! We love and cherish you always!    

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our new maid Marsiti

Our new maid Marsiti came to our home yesterday.
She seems different from our previous maid Ernawati whereby she is more smiley and does her work faster. She also seems willing to learn cooking and will stand by my side to watch me cook.
One thing good about her is she kept herself busy but I may never know as it's still early days. Afterall it's only her second day at our home.

This time round, my Hb and I decided that we will try to be friendlier with our maid so that she won't feel so homesick.

Hopefully this one will work out and work for us for 2 years.
Our children will be 4 and 2 and by then we may not need a maid anymore.

Presently, because of the close age gap of HY and HK. we need an extra pair of hands to help.
HY is turning two next week and is at the 'terrible two' stage while HK is still an infant at 4 months old. Both needed mummy's attention and care. While HK could be left in his swing or on the bed for now until he started flipping, HY is demanding for attention and insist on having his way fast. It's difficult for mummy to cope. But we are trying to make the best out of the situation.

Last night HY blabbered a string of baby language to siti. We felt that it is a good start. However Siti doesn't seems too keen to help with kids though she has a 8 year old back in Indonesia herself. She's not too bad in doing housework, but just a little rough with things at times. We'll just see how things progress.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hk is 4 months old:)

Have you Heard this phase before-> when you are happy, time seems to pass faster.

I almost couldn't believe that Hk is 4 months old already.
Placed him on my tummy yesterday and he is so tall.
Can't imagine that I had once carried him in my womb for 37 weeks.
It's amazing how fast they can grow.
I'm definitely treasuring each and every moment of my children growing up,wouldn't want to trade anything for it.

Right now, Hk is into the sucking his fist stage. He seems to be able to put his whole fist into his mouth and sucking it hungrily. He seems more interested in his fist than in his milk but mummy made sure he drinks every 2.5 to 3 hourly. HK shows signs of flipping any time soon as he will twist his body to one side whenever we place him on his back. He seems like a chatterbox with his cooing and baby blabbering. He also loves it when we uses both of his hands to tickle himself at his chest while making the tickling sound for effect. He'll chuckle or gives a wide grin when we does that.

He loves it when we talk to him and he'll respond by making lots of sounds. When he's excited, you'll see his limbs moving wildly, throwing kicks or punches anywhere and everywhere.
He could even kick water in the tub during bath time.
We are still waiting for his neck to strengthen and be able to support his head. Hopefully by month end he'll be able to hold his head up high by himself.

Hk is such a cute little joy to have.
Happy 4 months old, dear Hk! We love you lots!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Personal Choices

When I looked at my children at times.. I can't help but think that having 2 or more kids in this era in Singapore is a 'luxury'. Note that I've used the word 'luxury' and not 'burden' because I love children. I feel that it is ultimately a personal choice to have a child. Two children is a blessing judging by how expensive it is for a normal family like ours to bring up children decently in a society like this; money driven and stressful.
We simply cannot imagine having more children than the current two, because of lack of parental help while having to slog long hrs at work.
What will become of our sons? That is why we are seriously considering that I fulfil my motherly duties and desire to become a Sahm (stay-at-home mom) or Wahm (work-at-home mom).
However, nothing is final at this moment and we are still working on the sums.
I just hope that I can really do what I wanted to do and that is to spend more time with my kids and be there for them.

HY goes to Playgroup!

HY started playgroup yesterday on the 01 march 2011.
Being an overly protective mommy, I was quite a bag of nerves. And even though I tried to
keep my feelings under wraps, hubby saw through my cover. On the day before HY started school, I had already packed his bag and filled his water bottle. Hubby remarked that he's only attending Playgroup. Though he didn't say anything much after that, i knew he was indirectly telling me to relax.

It does seems alot more tough on me than on my little boy.

As my mom was ill, she was unable to help me with caring for HK at the last minute. Luckily I could still rely on HY's nanny to sit in with him in class for a while.

HY was still calm when he reached school. His teacher, Oliy came out to engage him and got him to give her a high-five. She also checked to see what was brought along in his bag. After she had his 'trust', she carried him into class to see if he would mingle around.

The crying started. Upon seeing the nanny and I standing by the viewing window, he cried. The nanny went in to to join him but HY ran out and 'chased' after me. He kept calling out to me and I could see him clearly from the glass doors.
It was so heartwretching for me. I fought back my tears and quickly walk away with HK. I felt choked with emotions and felt a lump stucked at my throat.
I had problems eating my lunch and almost lost my appetite then.

At 5pm, I called the school to get an update on HY's progress. Teacher Oliy was carrying HY
when she picked up my call. She said generally for a freshie he was ok. He did not cry excessively but only cried on and off. He also slept for a while in the teacher's arms after drinking half a bottle of milk. She also told me he seems to like playing with water.

When I picked him up from the nanny's home that evening, he had just woken from his nap. The nanny updated me that he was doing ok in school. He also joined in the activities such as drawing or colouring while holding on to her clothing. On the advice of the teachers, she left the school at 2pm and went back to pick him up at around 5pm.

HY was his usual self when he came home though not as active(maybe becos he didn't have a proper afternoon nap. As usual, he held my hands and asked me to accompany him to our bedroom to play with his cars on our bed.

I hugged him and apologized about leaving him in school and assured him that he will do just fine. He'll make friends, learn new things and could play with the teachers.

Baby HY,
Frankly speaking, Mummy doesn't feel like letting you start school so early but we thought it will be good for you to be occupied with activities instead of learning nothing but watch tv at home or at the nanny's. We are sure and have faith that you will enjoy school in time to come. Sending you to school seems like you had reached another milestone. It seems to tell us that you had grown up a little more. But to mummy and daddy, you will always be our little baby.

We Love you so much baby!