Sunday, August 28, 2011

It is now end of August..

and HY had been going to The beehive playgroup for almost 2 months since 12 July 2011.
He managed to settle into school ( without all the fuss and crying ~ finally!) in about one month and he likes Teacher Yvonne, his small group of classmates namely Matthew, Ana, Kazumi, Yu-Han and a big sister from the K2 class name shayna. :)

HY can now sing twinkle twinkle little star song, baa baa black sheep, incy wincy spider, two little dicky birds. Can also recite numbers 1 - 10 very quickly. Also recognizes alphabets A-Z.

He has became more active, vocal and at times mischievous. As a mother for a boy like this, I am almost always exhausted but I count it my blessings.
We feel very happy that he has came out from his former self and is now a livelier boy, less whiny and less afraid of strangers.

Some milestone for HK:

can flip on 21 march 2011 (4 mths plus)

can sit properly and upright on 20 July 2011 ( 8 mths plus) 

can officially crawl well commando style on 2 Aug (9 mths)

started 30ml similac on 17 Aug, 60ml on 18 Aug (9 mths wk 2) and Increased intake to 120ml on 19 Aug to prepare him for the switch to formula milk by one year old.

Demise of Wang Wang

My Parents in law's favorite chihuahua passed away on 13 Aug due to kidney failure. His condition worsen very quickly. He was just 4 years going on 5 years old then. He was such a beautiful chihuahua of the right size and cute little face. The last time I saw him was when he sneaked through our metal gate to come in. He was never really friendly with me but on that day he came into our house to give my toes a lick. I didn't expect that was the last time I would see him.

Til today my in laws still feel very sad about his death. Wang Wang was buried under a patch of grass and soil behind my inlaw's home along side with his siblings who did not survive at birth.

May Wang Wang rest in peace.