Monday, February 28, 2011


It has been a while since we went shopping. Daddy needed to get new slippers from
Crocs so we went for some last min shopping before the shop closes for the day.
Seeing daddy try on different pairs of shoes and slippers, HY joined in. He selected a pair of blue,orange and green slip-ons and refused to take them off. We tried to get him to try other pairs of shoes but he refused and insisted by whining, crying and screaming to get his way. In the end, daddy paid for the slip-ons priced at $42+ and said it's his birthday present since his birthday is next week.

HY's Fascination with cars

Recently We noticed that HY's fascination with cars or rather anything with wheels had became more evident. He started off liking car rides and then it went on to having fun at the steering wheel.
Having this interest in cars seems to spark his ability to use 2-words phases such as 'many car car'. Oops, that's 3 words. Haha
He could name most of the types of vehicles on the roads... Trucks, lorry, car..etc.
And we are trying to use this interest in vehicles to teach him colours such as blue car, red taxi, brown lorry.

lately he has been playing with his 4 wheels everywhere in the house and especially on our bed. He'll go 'zoom...zoom' while rolling his yellow cab around. At other times, he'll be cruising with his Lego 4-wheels along our pillows or booster.

It's interesting to see our little boy developing his own character everyday. Day by day we could see that little piece of himself emerging. Everyday is a sweet surprise for us :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

HY's and HK's pattern

With my poor memory, I decide to blog to remember the 'patterns' of my children.:)

Before I gave birth to his younger brother, I used to accompany him to bed every night and HY would demand that I sing him tune after tune of nursery songs. He'll go "sing..SING!" at 16 mths or so. And I'll be singing 'London Bridge is falling down', Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' 'Mary had a little lamb' etc. When he's slightly older, He requested to repeat certain songs by shaking his head if that's the songs he doesn't want to hear.

After HK was born, daddy started training HY to sleep alone in his room. It was very tough on him and on us. He'll cry and brawl for long periods and resist sleep. i remember he took around 2 mths to settle in. Currently, he'll still make a fuss, whine, cry and struggle a bit depending on his moods before falling asleep.

Ever since we became maid-less, daddy took over the task of getting HY ready for bed. He'll give him a wipe down and dusting of powder before helping him into his Pjs. This simple task brings alot of stress to daddy (and mummy) who has to constantly fight his resistance to get into his Pjs.
last night, mummy took over.
As usual, HY showed resistance, cried and tried to run away. So I used my method of 'reasoning' with him. Told him the time and that it was late therefore he got to change. He made a fuss for a while before asking me for milk. Once he does this I considered the 'battle' half won. Promised him his bottle after he changed and he obliged. I got him to cooperate without much tantrums from him and I got to finish this task in half time. I could see daddy throwing me a congratulating glance. But hey daddy is really good at helping HY doze off to Lalala land. He'll sing a silly song and use the pillows to cover HY's forehead and neck. And our dear boy would drift into deep sleep very quickly. Well done daddy!

Like to compliment daddy who had shown alot of improvements In his involvement with the children since the birth of HK and after the maid ran away. He's one great help in handling HY :).

It's still pretty easy to handle HK now compared to HY as he basically eats, sleep and poop.
Though I could see some of his own 'pattern' surfacing.
HK likes his milk to be of a certain temperature and he prefers to drink from the bottle now as the flow is much faster compared to the breasts. He'll take the breasts at times for comfort or when his milk is not ready yet. HK has resumed his night feed after stopping it at 2 mths and will fidget in his sarong swing when he needs his milk.
Guess it takes him more effort to cry so he'll whimper or whine softly for milk now.
But if he waits too long, he'll scream and 'cough' as if choking if we give him his milk too late. It's quite funny to see a baby of his age faking a cough though I tried not to laugh when he does that. Sometimes he'll also do the gagging action if he doesn't want the milk anymore. Most of the time he will turn his head quickly or use his tongue to push the teat out. when he's excited or impatient, his legs will kick real hard, even loose socks will fly!

On other times, when HK is uncomfortable or needs comforting, he'll pout his lips and cry pitifully. Really melts our hearts.

Even though both are my children, they are unique with their own characters and behaviour.I am very sure HY was never like HK at his age; he was alot milder. He only became more active and quick as he grows up.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CNY Day 1 - 03 February 2011

Our Chinese New Year visiting this year was an extremely hectic one with a very active toddler and a young infant. HY was 22 months old while HK had just turned 3 months.
We had to lug alot of baby's and kid's neccessities out with us for the whole day of visiting. I had to bring along my breastpumps as well as HK is on total breastmilk because the milk powder that we had chosen for him was unsuitable. He had serious reflux when put on formula milk and would vomit all his milk feed through his mouth and nose. Since i had ample supply of breastmilk this time round, I decided to put him on total breastfeeding since breastmilk is better for him.

Being outside of the house for the whole day means HY would miss his nap time. He became a grumpy little screamer in the evening. But before that he would play with his cousin L and is all smiles. He would voluntarily pass to Mummy all the angpaos that was given to him. Upon reaching home, HY fell asleep almost immediately and even pooped in his sleep! Daddy and Mummy had a good laugh over this.

For HK's case, he was knocked out totally and slept at my parent's home until late afternoon. He slept as per normal that night.

Overall, HK's first and HY's second CNY went smoothly. For us parents we were so exhausted that night too that we decided that we are done with visiting when it was only the first day of cny.

Runaway Maid and Closure

Ever since i hasnt been able to blog that much, i had chosen to jot down my thoughts and all that was happening in our lives in a little note book so that I could create a new blog entry whenever i am free. This way, i can avoid straining my memory bank to recap the details of what i am to blog about.


I am still writing this post with a heavy heart as this is the first major misfortune that had happened to our family.

On 25 January 2011, our maid Wati ran away from our home after stealing our monies and other items. On that fateful day, my hubby and I had to bring HK to visit his PD. We didn't bring Wati along with us as it was nearing lunch time and we would like her to stay home and cook lunch. HY was already at the nanny's home.
We decided to trust her as she had been working in our home close to 4mths. Furthermore, she does not hold any door keys and we reckon we will just be away for an hour or so.

Before we left, Wati helped us with our baby bags and followed us to the door to lock the gate. When we returned 1.5hrs later, we discovered that all her luggages and belongings had disappeared. She was also nowhere to be seen. All the monies meant for our Chinese New Year red packets,some other old local currency and Brunei monies were stolen from our locked drawer. We estimated our losses to be close to $2K.

Prior to her disappearance, there was nothing abnormal about her behaviour even though she had always seems moody, quiet and does not argue when she was given her tasks. She also had the habit of staring into space or looking out of the windows.

We reported the runaway maid and theft to the police, sent the story to STOMP and wrote to MOM to blacklist her. According to my friend, this story came out in the new paper and Straits times. We wanted justice and answers but there was no information and nothing we could do. The only way was to wait for any news of Wati. I had to be strong for the children and continue with our daily lives. It was a very difficult, stressful and devastating period for us.

On 09 February 2011, 15 days after Wati had disappeared, She reappeared.
That day, i brought HY to his new school and then to the GP near our home.
Upon our return, i noticed a woman with her head covered with a floral scarf sitting at my neighour's front door. It did not occur to me that the woman was Wati.
I walked past her and she followed me closely behind, begging and calling out to me. I was in such a rude shock that i shouted loudly to my husband that the maid had returned. Wati kneeled down at our doorway and begged us for forgiveness.

We called in the Police and $900plus was recovered from her, including 3 old hps that she had stolen in December (!) and a pair of bikenstock slippers belonging to me.
According to the police, it is very likely that she will be jailed for theft. We decided not to pursue this matter and hence did not bother to follow up with the police on the result of her trial.

This is how Wati looked like when she ran away

Ever since Wati ran away, we tried to cope without a maid and even threw out thoughts of engaging another maid. However due to the business nature of my husband, lack of help from my in-laws and my own parents, we had no other options but to employ another maid to help with the housework and the children. We had since requested for a replacement from the Maid Agency. This new maid is due to arrive in early March. Hopefully, she will turn out well. Will post her details when she arrive in our house.


Just managed to resolved my login problem. Silly me didn't realise that i had created this blog using another email of mine. Anyway, here i am after a long 'break'.

Well, after HK was born, i had lots of adjusting to do. From getting use to another baby around the house to trying to cope with 2 kids, not forgetting the was indeed a tough period for me.

Didn't had the time or energy to blog at all.
Anyways, here are some of HK's pictures, since i had not post them before.

less than a mth old

                                        At exactly 1 mth old

                                             About 1.5mths old

                                                       2mths old

2.5mths old

                                               Current: 3mths old :)