Monday, November 14, 2011

Milestones and some changes

Two days ago I started to 'train' HY not to wake up for milk feeds anymore.
Afterall he is almost 3 and I've been struggling to wake up up to 3 times a night or even up to 4 times a night to make milk for him.
Because of his constant night feedings and whinings, I felt my patience for him wearing thin and I do not know how to deal with it.
I spoke to a good friend who had a 10 yr old child and she advised me to give him an additional meal ( supper) before bedtime so two days ago I tried it.
Of course I had to use some tricks to make him take some more of the porridge.
But that is not all, I had to be firm and almost intimidating to reject him when he requested for milk at night. On the first night, HY woke up twice asking for milk even though he had the 'supper'. I had to threaten him to keep quiet to avoid waking up HK.
On the second night, he woke up once. For both days I only gave him the milk at 7am.
I'm sure my method to stop his night feedings will work but just hope it will happen soon.

In a recent conversation with my hubby, I was telling him that I felt that I was incompetent as a mother and my inexperience made it worse. HY is picky with food and doesn't take breakfast. Recently I started to coax him to have a slice of bread with cheese. He only finished the bread and cheese on one occasion when he was told to share the bread with others.
Hence, I am very determined not to make the same 'mistakes'... Therefore I came up with a schedule for HK. And I'm still trying to make changes in HY's mealtimes and diets.

HK's meal schedule:


1/2 slice of wholemeal bread with fresh milk in cup
Oatmeal with fresh milk and honey
Biscuits With fresh milk

After bath and before morning nap
Prune juice or other type of juices

Porridge with vegetables and/or 1 type of meat

Before Afternoon nap
Milk ( and biscuits)

Porridge with vegetables and / or meat

At the advice of the friend, I had also cook some green beans with porridge twice weekly to reduce heatiness of the kids. My boys were very prone to inflammation of the throats and I hope the green bean will relieve some body heatiness from them.

Ok time for recent Milestone records:

HK could now stand up with support but he could barely walk yet.
He's enjoying music and will shake his body when the music is catchy.
He does plenty of funny expressions and knows how to kiss on request, do the 'gong xi' gesture and high fives. We started to put him at the potty when he makes the ' going to poo' face.

For HY, he could speak in longer sentences at times but is currently crazy over angry birds.
His latest loves are jay jay jet planes DVDs.
We are going to start potty training him this week.
So far he had gone to the toilet and pee on the floor without cue from us.

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