Sunday, July 3, 2011

Probia of school

We had tried unsuccessfully to coax HY into attending school. I had tried to bring him to the nearby schools for some exposure but he would throw tantrum before we could reach the entrance of the school. Hence we decided to keep him at home probably til he turns 3 before we would sign him up for classes.

One thing to be happy about is that he had been taking his meals well. Just earlier today he finished off a big piece of Sara lee cake moments after having lunch. Usually he would play with food and throw them all over the place and I'm glad he is at least making some progress.

For HK on the other hand, had started cruising around on his walker and is very responsive when he sees me and other people that he knows. He also started to become fearful of strangers but we are trying to bring him out more often. His meals are getting more varied and had since tried broccoli with sweet potato too. Will let him have a taste of more food and fruits to avoid him becoming a fussy eater like his big brother.

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