Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Developments updates for HY and HK

Hk finally recovered from his diarrhoea after 10 long days or almost 2 weeks. Spent $100 plus on his medical bills. At the last visit to the PD I was advised to feed him soy milk instead as it was suspected that my breastmilk might contain lactose. My parents and hubby were telling me it must be my breastmilk stored in the fridge that is causing his diarrhoea. And that made me quite upset and worried about not being able to feed him breastmilk. Nevertheless, I decided to give him a few more breastmilk (bm) feeds to see if he still pass loose stools. I was quite surprised that his diarrhoea did not return.

It is a relief to me that Hk is back to his happy self. He started to make cute funny faces at us. He'll pout his lips or open his mouth widely when laughing. He has also become very active, flinging his arms and swinging his legs and trying to flip even when we carried him.
He had also recognize us and would stick to me in the evenings.

HK had tried rice cereal and oatmeal cereal so I started him on potato puree (which he doesn't really like) and brown rice cereal from happy bellies. I'm going to
start feeding him pureed vegetables like carrots/pumpkin/broccoli etc.
We got him the Phillips Avent steamer blender recently and so making pureed food is a breeze now! Hk is taking two meals per day in between milk feeds.

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