Monday, February 28, 2011

HY's Fascination with cars

Recently We noticed that HY's fascination with cars or rather anything with wheels had became more evident. He started off liking car rides and then it went on to having fun at the steering wheel.
Having this interest in cars seems to spark his ability to use 2-words phases such as 'many car car'. Oops, that's 3 words. Haha
He could name most of the types of vehicles on the roads... Trucks, lorry, car..etc.
And we are trying to use this interest in vehicles to teach him colours such as blue car, red taxi, brown lorry.

lately he has been playing with his 4 wheels everywhere in the house and especially on our bed. He'll go 'zoom...zoom' while rolling his yellow cab around. At other times, he'll be cruising with his Lego 4-wheels along our pillows or booster.

It's interesting to see our little boy developing his own character everyday. Day by day we could see that little piece of himself emerging. Everyday is a sweet surprise for us :)

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