Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CNY Day 1 - 03 February 2011

Our Chinese New Year visiting this year was an extremely hectic one with a very active toddler and a young infant. HY was 22 months old while HK had just turned 3 months.
We had to lug alot of baby's and kid's neccessities out with us for the whole day of visiting. I had to bring along my breastpumps as well as HK is on total breastmilk because the milk powder that we had chosen for him was unsuitable. He had serious reflux when put on formula milk and would vomit all his milk feed through his mouth and nose. Since i had ample supply of breastmilk this time round, I decided to put him on total breastfeeding since breastmilk is better for him.

Being outside of the house for the whole day means HY would miss his nap time. He became a grumpy little screamer in the evening. But before that he would play with his cousin L and is all smiles. He would voluntarily pass to Mummy all the angpaos that was given to him. Upon reaching home, HY fell asleep almost immediately and even pooped in his sleep! Daddy and Mummy had a good laugh over this.

For HK's case, he was knocked out totally and slept at my parent's home until late afternoon. He slept as per normal that night.

Overall, HK's first and HY's second CNY went smoothly. For us parents we were so exhausted that night too that we decided that we are done with visiting when it was only the first day of cny.

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