Friday, February 25, 2011

HY's and HK's pattern

With my poor memory, I decide to blog to remember the 'patterns' of my children.:)

Before I gave birth to his younger brother, I used to accompany him to bed every night and HY would demand that I sing him tune after tune of nursery songs. He'll go "sing..SING!" at 16 mths or so. And I'll be singing 'London Bridge is falling down', Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' 'Mary had a little lamb' etc. When he's slightly older, He requested to repeat certain songs by shaking his head if that's the songs he doesn't want to hear.

After HK was born, daddy started training HY to sleep alone in his room. It was very tough on him and on us. He'll cry and brawl for long periods and resist sleep. i remember he took around 2 mths to settle in. Currently, he'll still make a fuss, whine, cry and struggle a bit depending on his moods before falling asleep.

Ever since we became maid-less, daddy took over the task of getting HY ready for bed. He'll give him a wipe down and dusting of powder before helping him into his Pjs. This simple task brings alot of stress to daddy (and mummy) who has to constantly fight his resistance to get into his Pjs.
last night, mummy took over.
As usual, HY showed resistance, cried and tried to run away. So I used my method of 'reasoning' with him. Told him the time and that it was late therefore he got to change. He made a fuss for a while before asking me for milk. Once he does this I considered the 'battle' half won. Promised him his bottle after he changed and he obliged. I got him to cooperate without much tantrums from him and I got to finish this task in half time. I could see daddy throwing me a congratulating glance. But hey daddy is really good at helping HY doze off to Lalala land. He'll sing a silly song and use the pillows to cover HY's forehead and neck. And our dear boy would drift into deep sleep very quickly. Well done daddy!

Like to compliment daddy who had shown alot of improvements In his involvement with the children since the birth of HK and after the maid ran away. He's one great help in handling HY :).

It's still pretty easy to handle HK now compared to HY as he basically eats, sleep and poop.
Though I could see some of his own 'pattern' surfacing.
HK likes his milk to be of a certain temperature and he prefers to drink from the bottle now as the flow is much faster compared to the breasts. He'll take the breasts at times for comfort or when his milk is not ready yet. HK has resumed his night feed after stopping it at 2 mths and will fidget in his sarong swing when he needs his milk.
Guess it takes him more effort to cry so he'll whimper or whine softly for milk now.
But if he waits too long, he'll scream and 'cough' as if choking if we give him his milk too late. It's quite funny to see a baby of his age faking a cough though I tried not to laugh when he does that. Sometimes he'll also do the gagging action if he doesn't want the milk anymore. Most of the time he will turn his head quickly or use his tongue to push the teat out. when he's excited or impatient, his legs will kick real hard, even loose socks will fly!

On other times, when HK is uncomfortable or needs comforting, he'll pout his lips and cry pitifully. Really melts our hearts.

Even though both are my children, they are unique with their own characters and behaviour.I am very sure HY was never like HK at his age; he was alot milder. He only became more active and quick as he grows up.

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