Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tiredness is in my name

Ever since HY started school, he had been having night tremors, screaming episodes and night cryings. Frankly speaking, our limits and tolerance are stretched. I feel awfully tired. Hy had also started to refuse to sleep in his own cot and in his room next door. Therefore, 3 days ago we allowed him to sleep in our bed. Night time became more peaceful though he still screams during pjs changing time and he'll wakes up crying for milk once in the wee hours!
If I refuse it to give to him, he'll cry loudly waking up hubby and hk. Thus, I really have no choice but to give in. This also mean ive to wake up twice: once to give milk to him and the other time to give milk to hk.

To make matters worse, with Hy sleeping in our bed, I'm left with very little space. I'm often left with sleeping at the edge of the bed. This means the quality of sleep I have is often very poor as I can't flip around as much anymore. We tried transferring him to the old and smaller cot in our room but he will wake up screaming and crying to be carried to our bed.

I'm considering taking my mil's advice to sleep on the mattress on the floor. Hopefully HY would follow suit and I'll get to 'jump' right back into bed once he falls asleep.

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