Saturday, May 21, 2011

Many updates

Been a while since I've posted. However much I wanted to, I could not find the energy to do so even though I know how important it is for me to record the happenings no matter how nitty gritty it is :)

Hy is getting more active by the days. Alot of things happened to him recently and I find myself struggling and fighting mental strain to bring up this precious son of mine.
I shouldn't talk about it as there are too many to touch on but it is indeed uphill tasks that many things happened between the last time I wrote and now. (Hy, if u r reading this now, and would like to know, I could tell u if my memory does not fail me). But I'm glad things had improved though he had started to be picky about food again and simply would not eat  something without nagging or coaxing from his granny or me. I do feel my life shorten each time I had to sit down with him to make sure he eats properly and not play with his food. Not sure if I had wrote about this but hy had also joined us in our bed since April. He had been having night tremors / crying hysterically at night for prolonged periods for whatever reasons that we know or may not know of. It had been getting on my nerves and eating into my patience. Now we are more or less used to having him sleep in with us and I actually liked to having him in our bed because I could feel a stronger bond with my son. But Of cos I don't feel like this every day especially when he would wake me up rudely after giving me a forceful kick at my waist or flung his fist on my chest.
We had also pulled him out frm half day childcare as he was unable to fit in and told us he's afraid of school. Teachers in school had assured us that he is doing fine but he would come home upset or super cranky. Hence, we put a stop to school for hy 2 mths after he started. Currently he's happier and we are considering putting him in a different sch next year when he's more ready. Hy fell ill again as i am typing this and his cough had became quite bad compared to last night. He will cough until he is awake. On one hand i am very upset with him because he doesnt listen when i ask him to drink more water but what does a 2 year old know what's good for him? It is an almost impossible tasks to get him to drink or try new food/drinks and every time he fell ill it is a mental torture and physically challenging for me (or us) to force feed him his medication. I hope he recover soon. Seems like his running nose is under control but his cough is getting from bad to worse.

Hk had passed the 6 months mark and also becoming more active with each day. We can see he is
a smart and curious little guy. His smiles and laughter is contagious. And he is always ready with a grin for me. I just love this little bundle of joy more with each passing day. Sometimes he'll laugh out loud at the sight of his kor kor HY and I'll wonder what is so funny. I had started him on Bellamy rice cereal on 1st may at exactly 6 mths old. He seems to take it quite well except it caused him to have constipation. So I went to get Healthy Times oatmeal cereal and prune juice for him as I heard it does helps with kids who are prone to constipation. Started him on 1 meal (2teaspoons) of rice cereal for the first week and increased it to twice daily at 1 tablespoon of oatmeal cereal per meal. Trying not to overfeed him. He seems to like the taste of oatmeal better as compared to rice cereal. I'm contemplating on getting a Phillips avent steamer blender but
thinking what I should do with it after hk is weaned off from puree foods after he turn one. I do not want to spend so much and then keep it as a white elephant. So I'm still considering whether I shld spend that money.

Our maid, Siti had been here for the 3rd month and I can see she is more or less settled in our home. Im not entirely pleased with some things she does, eg. the way she does things around the house and her high and mighty behaviour at times really got on my nerves. She also tend to rush through her tasks at times and thus does a sloppy job. I am particular when it concern hygiene issues eg uncleaned or oily milk teats and pacifiers. But I stopped telling her off and held my tongue because as sad as it seems we needed her around the house to help with the chores, cleaning of the house, cooking, watching after the kids and helping to pack work related stuffs at home for hubby. We are tolerating and trying our best to have another stranger in the house.
I just tell myself that I am going to endure her until her contract ends (if possible) and then I'll take over the household chores myself. Not sure if I can do it well but I rather have that than to put up with the attitude of a maid. For the sake of my kids, to ensure that they are entertained when I've to bathe or when I am occupied with one of the kids, I told myself I have to endure the inconvenience and frustrations of having a maid.

Recently been harbouring thoughts on a family holiday with my parents. Wanted to bring my own parents for a short cruise holiday with hubby and the kids. Frankly speaking going on a cruise can be expensive. For 4 adults and 2 kids, it can cost close to $3k but it is one of my wish to travel out of Singapore with my parents. I decided that our holiday to be on a cruise as the kids are young and it is near impossible to have the usual type of sightseeing/ shopping holidays.

I hope to spend more time with my parents as I know I had neglected them for so long. I only came to appreciate my parents after I got married and had to raise my own family. Only now I realized their hardship to raise us. Side track a little- Another wish for me is to travel to Taiwan with hubby for our second honeymoon after the kids are older but that will be another 'story'.

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