Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Poor baby HK had diarrhoea and today is the 6th day. Brought him to the PD on Monday and she diagnosed him as having stomach flu. HK also had the running nose and phlegmy cough.
Up until yesterday his diarrhoea was quite severe as he would poop almost immediately after he had drank his milk or taken his cereal. Dr Loke advised to feed him rice water or finely cooked porridge. I wanted to feed him freshly cooked porridge so I mixed the Bellamy brand rice cereal with some rice water and soft porridge rice. He seems to take it well and as the porridge had been well cooked the rice is very soft and could mixed very well into the rice cereal. I was feeding HK oatmeal previously as he had constipation then and oatmeal made his diarrhoea worse.
Today he had pooped watery stool once in the morning after milk.
I am still worried about him and hope he will recover soon and revert to his happy cheerful self soon.

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