Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maid and Nanny's Overseas trip

Today is Wati's 7th day working in our family. So far I find that she is a fast learner and is able to read and understand the instructions translated from english to Indonesian language from my iphone. I noticed that she does not really fancy having breakfast. I told her she could eat the instant noodles for breakfast occasionally if she wants but I told her not to eat them too often as they are not healthy food.
And yesterday, HY's nanny was very kind to give her a bag of clothes and I could see that she is happy.

Today, my mother come over to help to take care of HY as the nanny had to go for her overseas trip (Australia) from 12 Oct to 26 Oct 2010. It is a good thing that Wati is around to help with the housework as HY is still not used to her even though he allows her to dress him in my presence.

I am considering to provide a radio in the kitchen for Wati's entertainment/relaxation when she is taking her break or resting.

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