Friday, October 22, 2010

Maid's update

How times flies!
Our maid Wati had been with us for 2 weeks plus.
On one occasion, I found white particles in our drinking water. Hb and hy had drank the water. I escaped because I will always check the water before drinking. I questioned Wati and all she said was 'sorry ma'am. I instructed her to pour away the water immediately. And told her to be more careful next time.i told my Hb and myself to check the water each time before we drink it.
Just days ago, my Hb told me that wati asked my mother-in-law to bring her to buy phonecard to call home. I was furious as we has told her that she could only make calls home after she had repaid her maid's loan and that is 8 mths later. I'm also upset that she had gone to my mother-in-law to ask for this sort of flavors. In addition, I was thinking to myself that she must be thinking of getting my mother-in-law to pay as she doesn't have a single local currency on her.
What we did was we asked her abt this. It was a good thing that she did not deny it otherwise I would be more mad at her. She even said she wanted to call becos her younger child was sick when she left Indonesia.
I told her she can call home but can only do so next mth end after she had received her
Wati had also requested to eat less rice and even told me she doesn't want to eat fish. But I insisted that she
does to get a balance diet for every meal. I do not want her to be mal-nutrious. She had some pandan cake snacks
that she could eat if she's hungry during the day.
After that she seems ok and I catch her daydreaming while resting less often. She will have a faraway look in her eyes when she rest and she will seems to be daydreaming. I reckon it's becos she's homesick or worried abt her sons.

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