Thursday, September 16, 2010

2nd photoshoot for HY - 26 August 2010

It had been approximately 10months since Hong Yi's first photoshoot at 8 months old. Even though i am about 27 weeks pregnant with #2 when we went for this photoshoot, i reckon i will not look that bad so i persuaded hubby to agree to an affordable photoshoot package with C & T studio which operated out of a condomium at Ang Mo Kio. Their 'studio' set up is simplier as compared to our first photoshoot but they have more photography props.

We took the chance to arrange this photoshoot on a weekday as the nanny had to attend her daughter's graduation ceremony. Before going for the shoot, we had already decided that the focus should be on Hong Yi as we can hardly capture nice photographs of him nowadays as he was always moving or trying to snatch our camera whenever we take it out.

Overall the shoot went well but active Hong Yi kept moving away from the backdrop to explore the rest of the studio. Both my hubby and I had to take turns to carry him back. No wonder his grandma would say he is an energiser bunny. :)

The only shot from the family series that didn't show the chubbiness of my face but i  was looking elsewhere.
                  And I 'recycled' the family T-shirts from our first photoshoot.

                                      A rare photo of Hong Yi sitting down

                                 Standing up to run away from the backdrop

 I always liked the angel wings on kids, i think it made them looked even more adorable

           Another photo from the angel series, We had to use toys to distract him.
                                          Changed into the second outfit

                My colleague told me that my boy showed a lot of potential posing. :)
                    Nice huge bear and a smaller bear which fails to distract him
           The photographer even tried to get him to sit still by bringing out a kiddie chair
                                        And out came the bubbles...

                                  Children really do love bubbles, don't they?
                                               changed to last outfit
                                       and set him against different props

The photoshoot ended in 1 hour. In total, we are given 116 high resolution photos all with different expressions and poses of our dear son. Even though some of the photos are not perfectly captured, i still considered this money well spent. Hubby commented that he prefers the family series.

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