Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Useful Tips: Protecting Pictures in your blog

I found a very useful tip from an online parenting blog. Click here to gain access to the blog. It is about protecting the pictures in your blog. As I found it very useful for me, i thought I should share it here too.

However, while trying them out by following the instruction listed in the blog, I realised that some of the directions had changed.

This is what I found out :

To disable right click function, follow Step 1 as listed in the blog.

To disable left click function, follow Step 2 as listed in the blog.

To disable the Image Toolbar, follow Step 3 as listed in the blog.
After copying the script from the link in the blog. Click on Add a Gadget -> HTML/Javascript from the Blogger Design page. Paste and save.

My advise is to always do a preview of your blog before saving the changes.

Have fun!

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