Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why i decided to migrate from Multiply to Blogger

This is my official first posting in blogger to start the 'ball' rolling. I didn't start Hong Yi's first blog in blogger because i had tried using blogger as far back as in 2005 (?) and it gave me a lot of problems like uploading of photos etc. Maybe my computer then was a very lousy one or that i am not as computer savy as i am now (?) :P
But even so, i did really started to blog abit using blogger and I still have my personal blog that was since kept as private and another blog which was our wedding blog that i had used to record the wedding preparations.

Frankly speaking, i am also not someone who is very good with words and usually there will be nothing much for me to write anyway as hubby is usually busy with work now as he is running his own business and i could barely go out of the house alone with Hong Yi so i thought then that multiply would serve its purpose well for me. I made it more like a photo blog where i posted lots of Hong Yi's photographs online and still be able to have the option of occasionally typing a few words in his baby blog.

But since baby #2 will be arriving soon, i assume i will have more activities in our life with his arrival, Hong yi going to school later on, our new family maid coming to help and etc, i think i should 'upgrade' to a blog where i don't have to post so many photos and also give me the chance to type more words and serve its purpose better as a 'diary' for our family.

Blogging takes time and i am not sure whether i will have the chance to post alot but i will try.

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