Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Lesson at Shichida, HY's Recent Developments and a little on baby #2

Goodbye for now~ Shichida Classes

On Sunday was HY's last lesson at Shichida. We decided to withdraw him from the classes as we could not afford the time to bring him for classes anymore as the due date for baby #2 draws nearer. He had also refused to take part in the hands-on acitivites during classes recently and only prefer to listen to songs and flashcards. HY had missed his classes for 2 weeks before as the whole family was down with throat infection, cough and flu. In fact, I'm still nursing my flu and cough after catching the virus from him and hubby. Seems like my immune system is really down in the pits. But I feel that I'm almost fully recovered and my energy is returning.

HY's Recent Developments

Today i suddenly realised that i had missed out alot on HY's developments when i was browsing other parenting blogs and one of my friend's blog. The only reason that I could think of  was that I had been feeling under the weather and not my usual self due to this 2nd pregnancy. Somehow i feel that this 2nd pregnancy is tougher and taking its toil on me. As compared to my first pregnancy, I could no longer have alot of rest with a young toddler in the house and I have to see to his needs first. We had taken very few pictures of him too and there is zero updates of him in his old blog. Honestly, I really do feel very lousy about it. I also failed to note some of HY's speech developments.  It only dawn upon me when i was bringing him for his last Shichida lesson last sunday, that 2 weeks ago he was unable to mutter alot of words that he could speak now. His vocabulary had been increasing rapidly by weeks and Im very pleased that he can recognise things, objects, food or animals by pointing to them.  He also love imitating sounds made by animals too like cats, dogs, lion. He could point to pictures of lion, zebra, elephant when i question him. He would sometimes say "no, no, no" and shake his head at the same time when i ask if he wants milk or if he is hungry or he would raise his right hand when you ask if he wants something. He would whirl around in circles and do his own kind of dance when he hears music. Just yesterday he pointed his cute little finger at me when his daddy question him " Where is mummy?" He would also greet me sweetly without anybody's prompting when I return home from work. When i left him with his daddy to do some chores around the house, he would search for me and call out to me in his soft little voice and make sure i acknowledge him before he will hang around or play nearby with his toys.  When this happens, I would think to myself, motherhood is such, everything is worth it and the tiredness would melt away. I tell myself I've to hang on and treasure each moments with him and strive to be a good mother to him and his little brother.

Here's some pictures of HY taken at the play area of a friend's daughter party which we attended last Saturday.

A Little note on baby #2

Received an email notification from babycenter informing me that I've reach 31 weeks of pregnancy today. This week baby #2 can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs and body are beginning to plump out as he accumulates fats under his skin. He is probably moving alot and that I may have problem sleeping because of his kicks and somersaults.
Indeed, I had been feeling the impact of his kicks and knocks since late afternoon today. At one time, I think i felt his fingers along my inner belly too. Somehow I have the feeling that baby #2 is even more active than HY even though I did not snack excessively on sweets but I do indulge in the occasional chocolates.

I have started packing my hospital bag too. It is not done yet but I am slowly adding on the stuffs I need. Hubby has also fixed up the baby cot given by one of my colleagues and we had also bought most of the baby items that we require last sunday.
I think we are almost there and definitely more prepared this time round. :)

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