Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HY goes to Playgroup!

HY started playgroup yesterday on the 01 march 2011.
Being an overly protective mommy, I was quite a bag of nerves. And even though I tried to
keep my feelings under wraps, hubby saw through my cover. On the day before HY started school, I had already packed his bag and filled his water bottle. Hubby remarked that he's only attending Playgroup. Though he didn't say anything much after that, i knew he was indirectly telling me to relax.

It does seems alot more tough on me than on my little boy.

As my mom was ill, she was unable to help me with caring for HK at the last minute. Luckily I could still rely on HY's nanny to sit in with him in class for a while.

HY was still calm when he reached school. His teacher, Oliy came out to engage him and got him to give her a high-five. She also checked to see what was brought along in his bag. After she had his 'trust', she carried him into class to see if he would mingle around.

The crying started. Upon seeing the nanny and I standing by the viewing window, he cried. The nanny went in to to join him but HY ran out and 'chased' after me. He kept calling out to me and I could see him clearly from the glass doors.
It was so heartwretching for me. I fought back my tears and quickly walk away with HK. I felt choked with emotions and felt a lump stucked at my throat.
I had problems eating my lunch and almost lost my appetite then.

At 5pm, I called the school to get an update on HY's progress. Teacher Oliy was carrying HY
when she picked up my call. She said generally for a freshie he was ok. He did not cry excessively but only cried on and off. He also slept for a while in the teacher's arms after drinking half a bottle of milk. She also told me he seems to like playing with water.

When I picked him up from the nanny's home that evening, he had just woken from his nap. The nanny updated me that he was doing ok in school. He also joined in the activities such as drawing or colouring while holding on to her clothing. On the advice of the teachers, she left the school at 2pm and went back to pick him up at around 5pm.

HY was his usual self when he came home though not as active(maybe becos he didn't have a proper afternoon nap. As usual, he held my hands and asked me to accompany him to our bedroom to play with his cars on our bed.

I hugged him and apologized about leaving him in school and assured him that he will do just fine. He'll make friends, learn new things and could play with the teachers.

Baby HY,
Frankly speaking, Mummy doesn't feel like letting you start school so early but we thought it will be good for you to be occupied with activities instead of learning nothing but watch tv at home or at the nanny's. We are sure and have faith that you will enjoy school in time to come. Sending you to school seems like you had reached another milestone. It seems to tell us that you had grown up a little more. But to mummy and daddy, you will always be our little baby.

We Love you so much baby!

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