Monday, March 14, 2011

Managing a maid

Siti has been here in our home for 2 weeks already and she is still independent in her tasks.
She is a stark difference from Wati, our first maid who needs to be told what needs to be done and would pretend to do some work when we are around.

Til date, I had been an employer to 2 maids and I have plenty to learnt with regards to management of maids. What I do know is that they are different from your usual employees and needs to be treated and motivated differently.
If you are an employer of maids who also happens to manage people in your company, you may identify with what I've just said.

Having a maid at home means you will have to safeguard your valuables and monies to avoid possible theft. You will also need to manage your own moods and behaviour so that things will work out between you and the maid. Afterall they are humans too and doesn't deserve to face a black-faced employer all day long.

My good friend gave me some advices on how to manage maids and I think it will be good to share:
1) Buy her phonecard and let her call home often.(Being away from home can be daunting for a fresh Maid or even an experienced maid who has worked in Singapore).

2) If she is not entitled to any off-days, let her have some breathing space, bring her out
for strolls or leisure. 

3) Lavish praise for good work done.

4) Don't criticize her for work not done well. Speak nothing of it. If she doesn't do the work or she doesn't do it well, do it yourself to set example so that she will follow suit. Trust that she will be embarrassed and do the job better.

5) Take things easy dun be uptight abt it and things will work out well. Smile and be happy. 

If things doesn't work out with maid, simply replace her and not let her bring grief or
problems to you.

Frankly speaking, I do not know if the above advices will work for me as I had a very bad
experience with my first maid. But I'm willing to try provided my current maid has a willing attitude.

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