Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Home

Our home is located at level 3 of a flat in a populated neighborhood.
There are amenities such as schools, supermarkets and clinics around our home.
In 2008/2009, even though our flat is considered less favoured as it is on a low floor, we are considered quite lucky to be able to purchase it with a cash payout to the previous owner at $20k 'only'. That was on top of the substantial loan amount repayable in 25 years to the Housing and Development Board(HDB).

You may be wondering why I am talking about this here where the motive for starting this blog is to talk family issues, to record our kids growing up etc. I really thought it will be good for the kids to know of the family's situation and their parent's efforts to set up our home. We are not rich but with just enough to live comfortably with 2 kids and a maid. Hubby is running his own business and I'm a full time employee with a freelance sideline which happens to be my interest.

I never thought it was not easy until I had my own family. Neither does hubby knows what he's in for until we had our first child.

I grew up in a middle class family to a father who is a sole proprietor of his own company and who is also the sole breadwinner. The kids at home never had to worry about money and all we had to do was to extend our hands. We also never thought about money and how to manage it.
Thus we never treasure money and thought money comes easily.
Hubby has a similar family background as mine though his family was a tad complicated.

Anyway, Times are very different now and I worry about our offsprings in the future as I forsee that it is only going to get tougher for them to get a roof over their heads or get a job with the competition from the new immigrants etc.
Perhaps, my worries are unfounded but I cannot help but to feel pessimistic now.
As a parent, I can only hope my kids won't have it so tough.

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