Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Personal Choices

When I looked at my children at times.. I can't help but think that having 2 or more kids in this era in Singapore is a 'luxury'. Note that I've used the word 'luxury' and not 'burden' because I love children. I feel that it is ultimately a personal choice to have a child. Two children is a blessing judging by how expensive it is for a normal family like ours to bring up children decently in a society like this; money driven and stressful.
We simply cannot imagine having more children than the current two, because of lack of parental help while having to slog long hrs at work.
What will become of our sons? That is why we are seriously considering that I fulfil my motherly duties and desire to become a Sahm (stay-at-home mom) or Wahm (work-at-home mom).
However, nothing is final at this moment and we are still working on the sums.
I just hope that I can really do what I wanted to do and that is to spend more time with my kids and be there for them.

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