Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our new maid Marsiti

Our new maid Marsiti came to our home yesterday.
She seems different from our previous maid Ernawati whereby she is more smiley and does her work faster. She also seems willing to learn cooking and will stand by my side to watch me cook.
One thing good about her is she kept herself busy but I may never know as it's still early days. Afterall it's only her second day at our home.

This time round, my Hb and I decided that we will try to be friendlier with our maid so that she won't feel so homesick.

Hopefully this one will work out and work for us for 2 years.
Our children will be 4 and 2 and by then we may not need a maid anymore.

Presently, because of the close age gap of HY and HK. we need an extra pair of hands to help.
HY is turning two next week and is at the 'terrible two' stage while HK is still an infant at 4 months old. Both needed mummy's attention and care. While HK could be left in his swing or on the bed for now until he started flipping, HY is demanding for attention and insist on having his way fast. It's difficult for mummy to cope. But we are trying to make the best out of the situation.

Last night HY blabbered a string of baby language to siti. We felt that it is a good start. However Siti doesn't seems too keen to help with kids though she has a 8 year old back in Indonesia herself. She's not too bad in doing housework, but just a little rough with things at times. We'll just see how things progress.

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